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28 novembre 2014

Recommended Restaurant - Happy Rome

Simple Italian Meal: Happy Rome Restaurant - Recommended by Expat in Dongbei

The food offered includes soup, salad, spaghetti, pizza, dessert, and drinks. It could hold a party for dozens of persons. Mr. Tian, the head chef, has been researching Italian dishes abroad for 30 years. They offer wonderful dining experience with best ingredients and ultra-low price.

Two Locations

1. B1 floor, Plaza 66 Shopping Mall皇城恒隆广场负一层
(No.128 Zhongjie Road, ShenheDistrict沈河区中街路128号)  024-31090983

2.ground floor, east of the hall 华府天地1期1楼大厅东侧
Richgate Shopping Mall phase Ⅰ (ShenheDistrict 沈河区)024-22598027

27 novembre 2014

DNSY Bazaar this weekend!

What's on BAZAAR | 无国界集市有什么

Traditional Handicraft 传统手工艺
Featured Zakka 创意杂货
Global Cuisine 环球美食
Kids Corner 儿童互动

Date 日期:2014.11.29-11.30 (Sat & Sun) 

Time 时间:11:00-19:00

Venue:1905 Re-Creative Space


South of Heavy Factory Cultural Square, Xinghua North Street #8, TIexi District

铁西区兴华北街8号 (重型文化广场南侧)




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26 novembre 2014

Stationary Stores at Wuai Market



This is one of the many stationary shops at Wuai Market.  You can use this card to get to the right place for many shops offering paper, notebooks, pens, art supplies, office items, school needs and more.  At this shop, in particular, they offer a beautiful collection of alcohol-based markers.  It is difficult to resist one in every color.  

For a location and more info on Wuai Market, check out our post listing it as one of the SHENYANG PLACES.   Do you have a SHENYANG PLACE to recommend?  Email us all the information at shenyangexpat@gmail.com.


25 novembre 2014

Ole Ole Restaurant & Bar

9 Wencui Lu, Heping Qu - (across from Yoga Wave studio)


24 novembre 2014

Travel Recommendation - Time Out Websites

Are you interested in great ideas and travel recommendations for China?  Visit the TIME OUT websites for Shanghai and Beijing.  Yes, these sites concentrate on those two cities, and there is also a lot more information.

Time Out Shanghai's Travel Page - http://www.timeoutshanghai.com/Travel.html

Time Out Beijing - http://www.timeoutbeijing.com/

Happy Travels!


23 novembre 2014

Thanksgiving at O'Reilly's

Thanksgiving dinner on 27th November starts from 6 pm this year. 3 courses - soup, turkey with all the trimmings and dessert followed by the show all just 100 rmb can't be beaten for value. Remember to book early as last year seats went so fast. Call 13664148232 and ask for Larry or Lisa. Happy Thanksgiving to all from O Reillys. Also e-mail  larryliuning@163.com,


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22 novembre 2014

Travel Recommendation - Chaoyang and its History

Chaoyang National Park of Bird Fossils

Four hours driving from Shenyang (or ~6 hours by train), the diversity of ancient creatures in Chaoyang is amazing. It is believed as the place where the first bird flied and the first flower blossomed on the planet. It is a world-level treasury reservation of ancient creatures for its uniqueness, completeness and rareness.

Time: 8:30-16:30

Venue: Chaoyang National Park of Bird Fossils 朝阳鸟类化石国家地质公园

(No 100, Longniao Street, Longcheng District,
Chaoyang City 朝阳市龙城区龙鸟大街100号)

fossil park

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21 novembre 2014

DNSY Winter Bazaar - What an Opportunity!

Winter Bazaar | 无国界集市

DNSY’s subscribers remember the stirring event held in Sep - well known as 「International BAZAAR 」Now, because you've asked for it, aligned with 1905 Re-Creative Space, DNSY will be presenting its「International BAZAAR - Winter Special」on Nov 29th and 30th.



About International BAZAAR | 关于无国界集市

International Bazaar is a marketplace where featured commodities, fusion cuisine, art, culture and friendship can be exchanged, shared and appreciated.

The Winter BAZAAR (Xmas and New year Special) provides a fun way to start the holiday season with your friends and family: shopping, tasting the food, enjoying the art, savoring the cultural ambience and having fun. Furthermore, funds raised during the event will be used to support the children in need of help in and around Shenyang!

无国界集市是一个可以购买特色商品,品尝世界美食,体验不同风俗文化及艺术,结识来自不同国家的朋友的交流场所。冬季集市融入了圣诞新年的元素为您打造多元化的集市体验,购物的同时品尝美食欣赏亦古亦今的艺术创作,领略中西不同文化风情。 本次活动将继续为本地需要帮助的儿童募捐筹款。

What's on BAZAAR | 无国界集市有什么

Traditional Handicraft 传统手工艺
Featured Zakka 创意杂货
Global Cuisine 环球美食
Kids Corner 儿童互动


Sign-up as VENDOR | 报名做摊主

We are looking for organizations or individuals interested in being vendors (to sell or demonstrate):

Chinese traditional arts and handicrafts 中国传统手工艺

Featured foreign goods, arts or handicrafts 外国特色商品, 艺术或手工艺

Fusion Cusine 环球美食

Young Enterpreneur - KIDS CORNER儿童摊主- 儿童互动区域

IF you want to be a part of the BAZAAR, simply send us a message to DNSY Wechat account or SMS to 18640293886 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00) as follows:

如果您希望参与集市活动, 请回复以下信息内容至DNSY公众号或发送短信至18640293886 (周一至周五 09:00-17:00)

|| Your contact information: NAME+Contact number+Nationality


|| In which vendor category will you participate?


|| what's your stall’s primary feature or selling point? 您的摊位最大的特点或卖点是什么?


Due to limited space, we will select candidates to participate base on the goods or services you provide. 由于场地限制, 我们将挑选具有代表性的组织或个人参与活动.


Sponsors and volunteers are warmly welcome no matter the support is in financial (e.g. lucky draw prize, coupon, voucher, products, etc ) or non-financial manner.


Need to KNOW | 活动须知

Date 日期:2014.11.29-11.30 (Sat & Sun)
Time 时间:11:00-19:00

Venue:1905 Re-Creative Space


South of Heavy Factory Cultural Square, Xinghua North Street #8, TIexi District

铁西区兴华北街8号 (重型文化广场南侧)



If you have a interesting topic to share or want to be part of DNSY, please leave us a message, and we will get back to you in no time : )

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Shengjing Theatre, "The Diamond", Will Open Soon - Update

The new landmark architecture, Shengjing Theatre, will open and have its first performance on Nov 27. Now you can buy tickets of the first seven shows and get a 30% discount. Besides, 30 preferential tickets in each show will be available. You can attend the piano player Li Yundi’s concert for only 30 yuan.

ShengjingTheater 盛京大剧院 (Hunnan New District 浑南新区)



Open House at Shengjing Grand Theater
The just-completed new landmark of Shenyang, Shengjing Grand Theater opens to the public every Saturday. You can enter this diamond shaped building with the most advanced equipment to visit and explore it with your kids, your friends or whatever.
Time:every Saturday
Venue: ShengjingTheater 盛京大剧院(near the WulihePark, Hunnan New District浑南新区)

20 novembre 2014

NEW INFORMATION - Wine Fair at Carrefour - Friday, 21 November

Dear Wine lovers!

Carrefour Wenhua is organizing a Wine Fair evening Friday 21st of November from 5pm onwards.

We warmly invite all Shenyang expats to join us this evening for wine tasting, exclusive promotions (50% off, buy 1 free 1, etc.), lucky draws, music and many other activities.

Looking forward to seeing you!

This Carrefour is located at the intersection of Wenhua Lu and Qingnian Dajie.  Closest metro stop is Gongyezhanlanguan.  Located at the biggest traffic circle in Shenyang.  Enjoy!

Nicolas de Carrefour sur Wenhua Lu envoyé un courriel aujourd'hui. Ils organisent une Foire aux vins demain soir vendredi 21 Novembre à partir de 17 heures of partir. Il aimerait inviter  tous les expatriés de Shenyang se joindre à eux pour cette soirée avec dégustation de vins, musique et des activités.

Ce Carrefour est situé à l'intersection de Wenhua Lu et Qingnian Dajie. La plus proche station de métro est Gongyezhanlanguan. Situé dans le plus grand rond-point de Shenyang. Amusez-vous!

Wine Fair


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