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18 avril 2015

Travel Recommendation: Day Trip to Dandong

Many of you have probably visited the city of Dandong, south of Shenyang in Liaoning Province.  It is the largest Chinese border city, bordering Sinuiju (Xinyizhou in Chinese) in North Korea. Its strategic location means that Dandong has had a very exciting history, and is still able to fulfill its role as a major trade port and natural resource hub. A lot of the trade that runs through this city is North Korea bound, and that is also one of Dandong’s main attractions.

In Dandong, you can visit the Hushan section of the Great Wall, and see the famed Friendship bridge between China and North Korea.  For more about this border city, click here:  http://www.echinacities.com/Shenyang/city-guide/From-Shenyang-to-Dandong-Getting-a-Glimpse-at-North-Korea

Dandong 05

17 avril 2015

Liaoning Provincial Museum Closed During Move

In preparation for the opening of the new museum site, Liaoning Provincial Museum on Shifu Road has been closed. The new museum is located in the Hunnan district. The area of the new museum is 100,000 square meters, which is three times as vast as the current version. It will be completed in May 2015. Upon completion, it will be the largest of the provincial museums in the country.


16 avril 2015

Beijing Baofa Cancer Hospital

Thanks to a friend for recommending this hospital in Beijing following his own cancer treatment.


You will find this introduction and more on their website:  http://www.umipic.com/

Welcome to the Beijing China Baofa Cancer Hospital website! Opened in 2013, our facilities clean, beautiful, and located right in the capital city of Beijing. In our hospital, medical knowledge from both the East and West join together for a new horizon in the world of Integrative Medicine. Our web site will explain and outline our unique cancer therapy, giving you the background knowledge on which to base a decision for your own health and future. 


The diagnosis is in -- cancer.  Aside from the shock of it all, what do you do now? Confusion sets in. You have heard about the debilitating side effects of the so-called "orthodox therapy" and you have decided that is not what you want.  But you have also heard that the "alternative medicine" market is a grab-bag of therapies, ideas, and treatments. Which one will work? Which will be a waste of money?

At the Beijing Baofa Cancer Hospital, the well-being of our patients is our primary concern. We practice caring medicine and compassionate treatment with a human touch that you will not find anywhere else. For us, you are a family member, not a number.

We do not promise to "cure", but we do promise to care, and in that caring to provide you with one of the most progressive, non-toxic, effective treatments available in world today. Please make the Beijing Baofa Cancer Hospital your new partner in starting a positive journey into healing - a new beginning!

15 avril 2015

A First-Timer’s Guide to Shenyang, China

A fantastic reader, Jess Singet, has written this First-Timer's Guide to Shenyang.  Here, you can read the opening paragraph or download the full document for a lot of great information.  Thanks, Jess!

If you would like to share your recommendations about Shenyang and this area, email us at shenyangexpat@gmail.com.

A First-Timer’s Guide to Shenyang, China

Shenyang, the biggest city in northeast China, is largely off the radar of the typical tourist in favor of glitzier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong. But that’s a mistake:  this provincial capital packs a ton of history and tradition, with plenty of museums and UNESCO heritage sites to occupy your days and a good selection of restaurants and bars for your nights. In more recent history, the city was the site of some of the 2008 Olympic soccer matches, and because of its location and transportation options, it can be a key stopover point on your way to visit the rest of northern China.

Download the complete document here:  AFirst_TimersGuidetoShenyang

14 avril 2015

Blog Coordinator Needed - Fall 2015

Volunteers Needed:  In 2010, this blog was founded by a small group of fantastic and dedicated expats in Shenyang.  For more than 18 months, this blog has been staffed by one person with the help of a few other contributors.  Unfortunately, the posts will end later this summer if we cannot find volunteers willing to take over.  Yes, it takes time.  It requires making contacts, researching, and posting approximately 240 times during the year.  If you are willing to give 30-60 minutes a week to make this happen, please email us at shenyangexpat@gmail.com.  Thank you for your consideration.

13 avril 2015

QSI International School - Spring Market - May 9

Spring Market flyer

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12 avril 2015

Fotomarathon is Coming to Shenyang


Join Day Nite Shenyang on WeChat for more information on this event coming to Shenyang in June!

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03 avril 2015

Spring Break

The Welcome to Shenyang blog will take a short pause for SPRING BREAK!  

Enjoy the sunshine and "warm" weather.


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02 avril 2015

European Chamber of Commerce Easter Brunch - April 11

The European Chamber invites you to the Easter Brunch on the 11th of April.  中国欧盟商会沈阳分会诚邀您参加我们于4月11日举办的复活节早午餐会。

Easter – a European holy day is right around the corner with a lot of joy to expect. Let’s search for chocolate, and color Easter eggs, decorate delicious cakes and enjoy traditional food with our kids at the Easter Brunch.


Easter ham, omelets, German bread and special Easter baking food; White sausages, Paulaner beer, yoghurt, delicious white and red wines – these are all waiting for you.


Friends from all over the globe will gather at the Noble Mansion. This year, various hotels and companies will contribute to the most stunning and incredible experience.


We will be starting from 10a.m.  我们将在上午10点开场

When and Where: Saturday, 11th of April; Noble Mansion Club House, No.5 Xinyou Street, Hunnan District. Be there with your family and friends. Enjoy the mini golf match, all kinds of games and Easter movies! We look forward to seeing you there.  




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01 avril 2015

1er Avril - Bonne Fete!

1er Avril

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