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16 juillet 2014

L’art de la médaille de Paris à Shenyang - Exhibition of French medals


L’art de la médaille de Paris à Shenyang     

L'exposition L’art de la médaille de Paris à Shenyang, organisée dans le cadre de la commémoration du cinquantième anniversaire des relations diplomatiques entre la Chine et la France, sera présentée au musée Tongdao de Shenyang, à l’espace 1905, du 19 au 31 juillet.  The exhibition, The Art of the Medal of Paris in Shenyang, organized as part of the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, will be presented to Tongdao Museum Shenyang, in space in 1905, July 19 - 31.

L’exposition rassemble plus d'une centaine d’œuvres de différentes périodes et de styles divers, qui rappellent les figures de personnages historiques, présentent des villes et des paysages, ainsi que les œuvres de différentes périodes de l'artiste français Dufresne.

L'exposition présente également les médailles créées à l’occasion du cinquantenaire des relations diplomatiques entre la Chine et la France, publiées conjointement en mars 2014 par les deux pays.

L’art de la médaille de Paris à Shenyang est organisée par La Monnaie de Paris, La Monnaie de Shanghai, et le Musée Tongdao à Shenyang, avec le soutien du consulat général de France à Shenyang.

Exposition :

Dates et horaires : 19 juillet 2014 – 30 juillet 2014  (July 19 - 30, 2014)

Vernissage: le 19 juillet 2014 à 13h

Lieu : Musée Tongdao de Shenyang, RE-CREATIVE 1905, 1er étage ; 8 rue Xinghua Bei, Tiexi District, Shenyang  (Tongdao Museum, Space 1905, 8 Xinghua Bei Jie)


Conférence de M. LUO Yonghui,  concepteur de médailles olympiques

Date et horaires : le 19 juillet 2014 à 13h30

Lieu : Musée Tongdao de Shenyang,  RE-CREATIVE 1905, 1er étage ; 8 rue Xinghua Bei, Tiexi District, Shenyang.

art de medaille



Remember that this blog will not post daily throughout the summer.  See you back on September 1.  Thank you!

Rappelez-vous que ce blog ne sera pas publier tous les jours pendant l'été. On se revoit le 1er Septembre. Merci!

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Golf Event on July 19


An event invitation from Buke Wang of Shenyang Landing East Consulting. 

My company is organizing a golf+party event on July 19 which is totally sponsored by a 
Japanese real estate developer Sekisui House. The golf party starts in the afternoon in
Jiangnan Golf Club (on southern bank of Hun River cross the bridge of Sofitel) and it's a
9-hole relaxing game instead of a serious competition, and wives and children can enjoy
mini games too. After the golf a party will be held in Sekisui sales centre close to Chairman
Mao Statue with awarding ceremony, lucky draws, children prizes, Japanese buffet and
drinks. People can also join the evening party directly by skipping the golf part. I have
invited many golfers of BMW, Michelin, Bombardier, and many other foreign companies
in Shenyang through my business connections. The whole event is free for foreigners.

Documents:  7_19_golf_invitation     7_19_golf_registration


Remember that this blog is on holiday for the summer.  See you back on September 1.  Thanks!

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08 juillet 2014

Have a Great Summer

Hello!  Bonjour!  Nihao!

The Welcome to Shenyang / Shenyang Expat blog is pleased to post more than 250 messages annually at your service.  During the summer and holidays, we take a break to enjoy ourselves.  Our summer break begins today and we will see you back online beginning September 1.

If you would like to make a recommendation to our blog for our many readers, please email shenyangexpat@gmail.com.  We will check this email regularly and can make intermittent posts in July and August as information comes up.

Thanks to those who share their information with us and make it possible to continue this blog!

In 2015, after 5 years of this blog, our last contributor will leave Shenyang.  If you are willing to become a coordinator of the Shenyang Expat blog and have the time and dedication, please contact us.  


Le blog Shenyang Expat est heureux de publier plus de 250 messages par an à votre service. Pendant l'été et les vacances, nous prenons une pause pour nous amuser. Notre séjour commence aujourd'hui et nous vous voir de retour en ligne à compter du 1er Septembre.

Si vous souhaitez faire une recommandation à notre blog pour nos nombreux lecteurs, s'il vous plaît écrivez shenyangexpat@gmail.com. Nous allons vérifier ce courriel régulièrement et pouvons faire des posts intermittents en Juillet et Août que l'information arrive.

Merci à tous ceux qui partagent leurs informations avec nous et permettent de continuer ce blog!

En 2015, après 5 ans de ce blog, notre dernière bénévole partira de Shenyang. Si vous êtes prêt à devenir un coordonnateur du blog Shenyang Expat et avoir le temps et le dévouement, s'il vous plaît contactez-nous.



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07 juillet 2014

Sicilian Cuisine at Il Forno, Grand Hyatt

Food from Sicily @ Il Forno, L29

Take on a journey with Il Forno’s chef de cuisine Mr. Valentino Chirico to the land of Italy. Start the trip this 11-27 July with Sicilian delicacies. Traditional dishes of bluefin tuna botarga linguine with scampi in white wine sauce, Sicilian cannoli and more.

Grand Hyatt Shenyang


No. 288A, Qingnian Street, Heping District, Shenyang 110004, People’s Republic of China

中国沈阳市和平区青年大街288号甲   邮政编码:110004

+ 86 24 2512 1234 TELEPHONE 电话


Hyatt 2


06 juillet 2014

Beautiful and Authentic Scarves in Shenyang

Many of us buy scarves in China. They are great gifts for others and for ourselves. If you are interested in a beautiful scarf in fine silk and gorgeous, colorful patterns, call and visit the Wensli offices to see their specialty shop. (Chinese spoken) These are great quality scarves so they will cost more than your average Wuai shop. Price ranges from 120rmb to 600rmb. The horse with blue and purple is more than 1000rmb.

Beaucoup d'entre nous acheter des écharpes en Chine. Ils sont de grands cadeaux pour d'autres et pour nous-mêmes. Si vous êtes intéressé par une belle écharpe en soie fine et magnifique, des motifs colorés, appel et visiter les bureaux Wensli de voir leur magasin spécialisé. (Chinois parlé) Ce sont de grandes écharpes de qualité afin qu'ils coûtent plus cher que votre magasin moyenne Wuai. Prix varie de 120rmb à 600rmb. Le cheval de bleu et de pourpre est plus 1000rmb.

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05 juillet 2014

Shanghai Cuisine at Grand Hyatt

Xindalu meets Xin Feng Tian, L27

10 – 19 July, guest chefs from Hyatt on the Bund’s Xindalu, Mr. Nick Chen and Mr. Roger Huang are bringing the authentic taste of Shanghai to Xin Feng Tian. Mark the dates and try our delicious Beggar’s Chicken, the Pyramid Braised Pork and many more dishes.

Grand Hyatt Shenyang


No. 288A, Qingnian Street, Heping District, Shenyang 110004, People’s Republic of China

中国沈阳市和平区青年大街288号甲   邮政编码:110004

+ 86 24 2512 1234 TELEPHONE 电话


Hyatt 1

04 juillet 2014

Prescription Eyeglasses Near Taiyuan Jie

Many people know the eyeglass market at the round point near the Fabric Market. A friend recommended 1 boutique to me and gave me this card. Now I can recommend them too. Located in the #26 shop on the 2nd floor, they have many styles and friendly staff, including one who speaks just a little English. I bought 2 pair of prescription sunglasses for 300rmb and picked them up after 1.5 hours.

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03 juillet 2014

Visit the Four Towers by Bike in Shenyang

Thanks so much to CB and friends for sharing this!

The four towers were built around Shenyang in 1643, during the early period of the Qing Dynasty. The towers symbolize the four Buddhist Heaven Kings, and originally marked the borders of the city. The four towers, aptly named “North Tower”, “South Tower”, “East Tower”, and “West Tower”, do in fact appear quite similar to each other. The towers themselves are white, bulb-shaped structures, with gold decoration on the top. Each one is surrounded by a small Buddhist temple. With carved Sanskrit and animal designs on the surface, the four pagodas were once taken as the symbol for good weather and peace.

Logistics of the Ride:

A member of our consulate community set off one morning determined to ride their bike to all four towers. Starting at the Consualte, you can ride to the south tower in 15-20 minutes. From the South Tower, ride to the East tower, taking approximately 50 minutes. This stretch follows a nice path along the river. From there head to the North Tower, following the river and then the train tracks. This portion of the ride is the longest, taking about 2 hours. From the North to the West towers is an easy 40 minute ride, following the train tracks until you see the Mao statue. From here, you are a five minute ride back to Somerset, or approximately 40 minutes back to the South Tower.

Along the way there are multiple parks, play grounds, work out equipment, different paths to ride, lakes, a pond to rent paddle boats, places to fish, and just a different point of view for Shenyang. In most areas there were options to ride on the street and eat at a small restaurant or grab some street food.

Tower Breakdown:

South- Sits in a park with a wall around it,  no obvious way to get right up to the tower though. The park is beautiful though.

East- right on the river so you cannot miss it. Open park area and you can walk right up to the tower. Several offerings, tokens, and small statues around this tower to look at.

North- a little difficult to find, and you cannot take you bike in the gate. Within the gate is a HUGE prayer community.  There are small buildings around the tower that offer a place to pray and a few buildings are stores that sell jewelry, prayer items and souvenirs. Around the tower itself are golden statues, a room with a thousand candles, and other ornate items. This is by far the best maintained of the towers.

West- this one was secure and not accessible. The front doors are large and it is hard to miss this tower. About a 10-15 minute walk from the Somerset.

Things to bring:
Map, sunglasses, really comfortable bike seat, water, money for snacks or souvenirs, and an understanding that China just sometimes “ends the bike trail” and you will be forced onto the road or a dirt path ect. This can be an adventure both fun and exhausting. Optimal time to go is during an American Holiday during the week, as some of these areas getting very crowded. A back pack with lunch is a great idea and there are many places to stop on the way and enjoy the view.

The photos below are displayed in order taken on the ride, starting with the first “gateway” to the South tower.





































New Taxi Service in Shenyang

Our blog received an email from a local entrepeneur.  They have just started a new taxi service in Shenyang.  See the photos for more info on Sushi Taxi.  





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02 juillet 2014

Special Offer from DCT Wines

Get Grand Cru at a Reasonable Price!



Get a wood box of 12 bottles of our fantastic Pomerol


For ¥ 7,992instead of ¥ 16,128! 原价16128元/12瓶/木箱,现价¥ 7,992/12瓶/木箱


Château Beauregard


Pomerol 2007

波美侯 2007年份


2007 will remain an exciting albeit very stressful vintage in wine grower memories, on account of complicated and atypical weather conditions. Finally, despite all the worries, that year turned into a fine quality vintage at Beauregard, its main characteristics being freshness, elegance, and breed.

Picking was entirely done manually, while alcoholic fermentation was carried out at a regulated temperature of around 28°C to preserve freshness of the fruit.

Today, this wine displays an intensely fruity bouquet with blackcurrant and raspberry aromas coming to the fore. Spicy notes mingle with very elegant touches of undergrowth. A wide range of aromas opens out harmoniously on the palate with silky and well balanced tannins.

The finish conveys all finesse and length, guaranteeing this vintage a good ageing potential of 8 to 15 years.









Offer lasts until 7th July 2014!


Best Regards,



Get the quality you deserve!

DCT Wines

Fine French Wines

Floor 17-4, Shengli Road n°100, Huaihua Da Sha
Xigang District, Dalian 116021, China

Tel. +86 411 8439 0105 - Fax +86 411 8210 2170





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