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This is a blog for all Shenyang expats / expatriates- shops, restaurants, bars, places to visit ... Blog à destination de tous les expatriés de Shenyang : partage des bonnes adresses et des bons plans, rendez-vous à ne pas rater, endroits à visiter..

30 octobre 2014


Beiling Park is one of the most beautiful places in Shenyang. Located in the Huanggu District on the north side of the city, you can spend an hour or spend the day. Rent a paddle boat or a family bike. Buy a huge cotton candy. Visit the Zhao Ling Tomb. Take lots of pictures. 6rmb per person for entrance to the park. 30rmb to visit the tomb.

29 octobre 2014

China Daily Newspaper

Finding the China Daily newspaper can be difficult if you don't live in a serviced apartment. It's nice of hotels to offer it. One easy place to pick up a copy is a few steps from the Carrefour on Wenhua Lu. Visit the newsstand on the small street under the traffic circle. 1,5rmb.
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28 octobre 2014

German Book about Shenyang

Hi all, this is a sneak preview about the upcoming new book about Shenyang. You will find a lot of hints and adresses about useful things and places, do's and dont's in China and some stories about our experiences here in Shenyang. The book will be available from beginning of December (unfortunateley only in german). Please enjoy ad have some fun while reading. There is also a Facebook group ("Sheyang Expats" and "Deutsche in Shenyang") with more infos about it. Each sunday we will add 2 more pages to these Facebook group until the... [Lire la suite]
27 octobre 2014

Purificateurs d'air - French only

Vous souffrez de la pollution ? Envie de respirer un air pur et sain ? Profitez du savoir-faire français et de la livraison en 72h de NatéoSanté. L’AIR DE RIEN, UN PURIFICATEUR D’AIR CA CHANGE TOUT ! En Chine, la pollution est omniprésente. Un expatrié qui arrive en Chine peut être surpris par l'ampleur du phénomène. Bien sûr, vous en aviez entendu parler mais vous n’aviez pas anticipé l’importance du phénomène. Vous n’aviez pas imaginé que vous pourriez avoir des difficultés à respirer, que vos enfants réagiraient si violemment à... [Lire la suite]
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26 octobre 2014

Travel Recommendation: Shanghai Art Festival

Until November 16, you can attend the Shanghai International Art Festival.  Check out the Chinese play “Little Mermaid”, or the Chinese National Theatre’s rendition of “The Love of the Hawthorn Tree”. To allow more people to come and enjoy the art festival, this edition has expanded to include outdoors venues, and has events planned at more than 20 different locations. Outdoor content includes Israel’s national symphony orchestra’s performance, a Spanish national dance ballet performance, and a Hungarian thread puppet show. ... [Lire la suite]
25 octobre 2014

Hot Pot at Grand Hyatt

    Grand Hyatt Shenyang 沈阳君悦酒店 No. 288A, Qingnian Street, Heping District, Shenyang 110004, People’s Republic of China 中国沈阳市和平区青年大街288号甲   邮政编码:110004

22 octobre 2014

Customized Cake Designs

  For your next special event, try Flower Cake for a beautiful, customized cake design. Their use of fondant and handmade sugar decorations is well done.  Many saw their designs at the recent DNSY Bazaar.  
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15 octobre 2014

Enjoy a Steak at Il Forno - Grand Hyatt

Il Forno introduces to you steak set only at CNY 388 net. Choose your favorite steak, 300g rib eye or 250g sirloin, bring you the best possible steak experience. Grand Hyatt Shenyang 沈阳君悦酒店 No. 288A, Qingnian Street, Heping District, Shenyang 110004, People’s Republic of China 中国沈阳市和平区青年大街288号甲   邮政编码:110004
12 octobre 2014

Beauty Shop Recommendation

A friend recommended this beauty shop in the underground at Taiyuan Jie (entrance near the fabric market).  They offer manicures and pedicures, as well as threading for facial hair, arm hair, etc.  A threading hair removal treatment for the face is 50rmb.  Nice place with nice staff offering a good service.  Check it out.