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29 novembre 2014

Volunteer to assist this blog

Are you willing to give some time to assist the Shenyang expat community?   This blog could use your help to continue in the future.  Volunteer time includes daily updates to the blog, posting recommendations for restaurants, travel, things to do and more.  Answer emails to the blog and seek information from others.  Posts can be scheduled ahead so volunteer time can be done daily or weekly.   In the past, this blog was posted in English and French.  That would be great if you have the time necessary... [Lire la suite]
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28 novembre 2014

Recommended Restaurant - Happy Rome

Simple Italian Meal: Happy Rome Restaurant - Recommended by Expat in Dongbei The food offered includes soup, salad, spaghetti, pizza, dessert, and drinks. It could hold a party for dozens of persons. Mr. Tian, the head chef, has been researching Italian dishes abroad for 30 years. They offer wonderful dining experience with best ingredients and ultra-low price. Two Locations 1. B1 floor, Plaza 66 Shopping Mall皇城恒隆广场负一层(No.128 Zhongjie Road, ShenheDistrict沈河区中街路128号)  024-31090983 2.ground floor, east of the hall... [Lire la suite]
26 novembre 2014

Stationary Stores at Wuai Market

    This is one of the many stationary shops at Wuai Market.  You can use this card to get to the right place for many shops offering paper, notebooks, pens, art supplies, office items, school needs and more.  At this shop, in particular, they offer a beautiful collection of alcohol-based markers.  It is difficult to resist one in every color.   For a location and more info on Wuai Market, check out our post listing it as one of the SHENYANG PLACES.   Do you have a SHENYANG PLACE to recommend?... [Lire la suite]
25 novembre 2014

Ole Ole Restaurant & Bar

9 Wencui Lu, Heping Qu - (across from Yoga Wave studio)
24 novembre 2014

Travel Recommendation - Time Out Websites

Are you interested in great ideas and travel recommendations for China?  Visit the TIME OUT websites for Shanghai and Beijing.  Yes, these sites concentrate on those two cities, and there is also a lot more information. Time Out Shanghai's Travel Page - http://www.timeoutshanghai.com/Travel.html Time Out Beijing - http://www.timeoutbeijing.com/ Happy Travels!  
22 novembre 2014

Travel Recommendation - Chaoyang and its History

Chaoyang National Park of Bird Fossils Four hours driving from Shenyang (or ~6 hours by train), the diversity of ancient creatures in Chaoyang is amazing. It is believed as the place where the first bird flied and the first flower blossomed on the planet. It is a world-level treasury reservation of ancient creatures for its uniqueness, completeness and rareness. Time: 8:30-16:30 Venue: Chaoyang National Park of Bird Fossils 朝阳鸟类化石国家地质公园 (No 100, Longniao Street, Longcheng District,Chaoyang City 朝阳市龙城区龙鸟大街100号)
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19 novembre 2014


For a peaceful respite in the middle of this big city, visit Qingnian Park, across from the TV Tower, close to the Kempinski Hotel. Enjoy marked walking paths, benches and swings, and a nice atmosphere.
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17 novembre 2014

Job Announcement - Shenyang Manufacturing

My name is Pablo and I am General Manager of Spanish valve manufacturer www.cmo.es and we are setting up a joint venture with local company in Shenyang and actually looking for a local support/supervisor of european origin already living in Shenyang to help us on this project. We are open to any proposal. Contact Pablo at pablo@cmo.es
12 novembre 2014

Miss Koala Import Shop

Check out the new Miss Koala import shop at New World Garden. This is just a few steps from the NWG Riverside shop. You can't miss the huge sign. They have many imported products from North America and South Korea, including nuts, organic items, and vitamins.
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05 novembre 2014

Doner Kebab Shop near Lenore's

We recently saw a kebab place across from Lenore's bar close to Heidi's 1.  Also close to the wonderful Maison de Cheryl bakery. Has anyone tried it? Send us your recommendation at shenyangexpat@gmail.com