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31 janvier 2015

Noodle Shop across from Riverside Garden

Last year, a noodle shop opened on the small street across from Riverside Garde, and around the corner from the Sofitel. Not as cheap as "hole in the wall" shops, but it is clean and staff are helpful. Their dishes are quite good!

29 janvier 2015

Yunnan Hotpot Restaurant

Try the Yunnan Hotpot restaurant at the LOTTE Mall, very close to Peters Mexican restaurant (same floor of the Lotte mall). A reader said the restaurant is beautifully decorated, staff is nice, and the meal was excellent.
27 janvier 2015

Travel Recommendation: Mexican Restaurant in Seoul

Try this nice Mexican restaurant in the Jongno neighborhood.  If Mexican food is not what you're looking for, this is surrounded by many other restaurants for quite a few blocks.  Walking distance to Itaewon too.
26 janvier 2015

Kitchen Street - Find Cookie Cutters and more

Kitchen Street is located on 13th Latitude Road (Shi San Wei Lu).  Click this link for a recommended shop, 格林SOHO大厦B座.   If you can make your way to the area and find this building, use this business card to find a cute place on the ground floor.  I recently found a large assortment of cookie cutters!  There are many other shops in this building (3 floors), including great places for kitchen appliances, dishes, and so much more. Approximate coordinates: 41.783661, 123.419358
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24 janvier 2015

Passport and Visa Photos

This is a good place if you need photos for a new passport or visa renewal. It is across from the gate of the U. S. Consulate.
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23 janvier 2015

Mukden Manchu Culture Museum

While having dinner at Must Burger, we found this museum located in the same mall.  Located at Shenyang Tiandi Mall on the 2nd floor. Very interesting and beautiful displays.  The signs are in Chinese only.  The woman working at the front desk was very nice and helpful.  For the address to Shenyang Tiandi, see yesterday's post for the Must Burger business card.
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22 janvier 2015

Many Good Restaurants at Shenyang Tiandi Mall

We went to Shenyang Tian Di recently to try Must Burger again.  It is the home of gourmet burgers, big portions of fries, and so much more.  It is a very nice place for a date, to be casual, and for families. Shenyang Tian Di mall has many restaurants to choose from including Must Burger, Lenbach, Shark Bites Toast, a lovely Korean BBQ place and more.  Enjoy.  
20 janvier 2015

Recommended Restaurant near Wobo

A reader sent this to us recently:  I would like to share a new restaurant that we found. Near Wobo (just the first street after the bridge), there is Loch restaurant where you can eat a very good Spanish paella!! Also they have some other west food (like spaguetti, chicken wings, salad, meat...). It is a small and very nice restaurant in front of the lake. Thanks for the recommendation!  If you would like to recommend a restaurant, email us the information at shenyangexpat@gmail.com.  
19 janvier 2015

Recommended Spa in Xita

Recently, a friend recommended this spa is Korea Town (Xita).  She said it is clean, the services are great, and the staff are very nice.  Quite a few expats go there for services like waxing, facials, nails, etc.   Regina is the manager.  She used to work in New York for some years and can speak simple English with customers.  Her contact information is on the card.  You can email her at 13998166483@163.com.