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14 juin 2015

Advice from a long time expat - Walk This City

This weekend marks the last posts for the Shenyang Expat blog.  After nearly five years, our volunteer pool is gone.  The information will remain though, just SEARCH for things to do, places to go, places to eat, shopping options and more.

Over the years, this blog has made many recommendations and many people have benefited from our service.  Thank you, dear readers!  

Here is one last recommendation for you - Get Out There and Walk This City!  

Walk.  Take photos.  Appreciate it.  Snack.  Smile at people.  Discover little streets and new things.  Appreciate it.  

This is the original Google Search - figuring it out for yourself.  Then be kind and pass it on.  Help others learn more about our city.  Enjoy it.


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