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This is a blog for all Shenyang expats / expatriates- shops, restaurants, bars, places to visit ... Blog à destination de tous les expatriés de Shenyang : partage des bonnes adresses et des bons plans, rendez-vous à ne pas rater, endroits à visiter..

14 juin 2015

Advice from a long time expat - Walk This City

This weekend marks the last posts for the Shenyang Expat blog.  After nearly five years, our volunteer pool is gone.  The information will remain though, just SEARCH for things to do, places to go, places to eat, shopping options and more. Over the years, this blog has made many recommendations and many people have benefited from our service.  Thank you, dear readers!   Here is one last recommendation for you - Get Out There and Walk This City!   Walk.  Take photos.  Appreciate it.  Snack.... [Lire la suite]
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05 juin 2015

Mandy Wang, Photographer

Mandy Wang has her own photography studio in Shenyang for almost 4 years now. The pictures are mainly for portrait, children ,family, events ,or other artistic photos.  Contact her at Wechat:70293958 or www.mandyw.com.      REMINDER:  This blog's daily posts will end on June 15.  After nearly five years, there will soon e no more volunteers to continue our blog.  I want to thank Claire, Benedicte and so many others over the years who helped to make a difference!  I also want to... [Lire la suite]
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04 juin 2015

Shenyang Recommendation: Chao Fan printers/ Imprimerie

Great Staff.  Clean and newly renovated.  Nice people and a reasonable price.  Over the years, I have gone there for flyers, tickets, copies, yearbooks, specialty photo books, even large photos printed on A2 size, and posters.  Recommended.   Chao Fan Printers - This print shop is near Wobo Palace.  I have had full color brochures printed for a local charity, flyers and tickets for the fundraiser, even simple black and white copies in bulk for a children's party.  They do a good job and will show... [Lire la suite]
15 mai 2015

Massage and Facials at Chlitina

Le salon de massage Chlitina propose des massages et soins du corps déjà approuvés par de nombreux expats. Le salon se trouve à New New World Garden, le salon se situe après la supérette Riverside, le Hair Spa, et juste après l'ancienne boutique de gâteau/viennoiseries, reconvertie en magasin pour accessoires bébé. Annie, la Responsable, parle anglais et sera ravie de vous présenter la gamme des soins. Vous pouvez la contacter facilement au tel: 139 0981 7387 et/ou sur WeChat. Son équipe de masseuses est sympathique et très... [Lire la suite]
13 mai 2015

International Club of Shenyang - AWESOME!

Congratulations to the International Club of Shenyang for another great year!  ICS has been in Shenyang for more than fifteen years.  It changes and grows depending on the membership and the leadership.  We are very lucky to have a great planning committee this year and they have many accomplishments to celebrate so far in 2015.  See a list below a picture from the recent ICS luncheon at the North Yoker Hotel near Taiyuan Jie. Get involved with ICS!  Contact President Daniela LeCroy... [Lire la suite]
25 avril 2015

High Speed Rail - Shenyang to Dandong

High speed rail service between Shenyang and Dandong will open on August 31.  It is currently undergoing a trial operation.  The ride includes a stop in Benxi after 20 minutes.  To travel only to Benxi will cost 30rmb.  You can travel all the way to Dandong in less than one hour for 80rmb.  The train will depart from the new Shenyang South station in the Hunnan District, which will open the same day as the new train service.   Thanks to Expat in Dongbei for the great information.  To sign up for... [Lire la suite]

24 avril 2015

Trophies and Plaques - Engraving in Shenyang

    You can find this trophy shop close to Taiyuan Jie and the Traders Hotel.  They did a good job on trophies for a school event and were concerned about the quality.  They speak Chinese only, and were able to engrave in English.
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15 avril 2015

A First-Timer’s Guide to Shenyang, China

A fantastic reader, Jess Singet, has written this First-Timer's Guide to Shenyang.  Here, you can read the opening paragraph or download the full document for a lot of great information.  Thanks, Jess! If you would like to share your recommendations about Shenyang and this area, email us at shenyangexpat@gmail.com. A First-Timer’s Guide to Shenyang, China Shenyang, the biggest city in northeast China, is largely off the radar of the typical tourist in favor of glitzier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong. But... [Lire la suite]
08 mars 2015

Hostel in Shenyang

This group of hostels (YHA) comes recommended in China, including one in Shenyang.
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01 mars 2015

Real Time Air Pollution Index

Welcome back and welcome to the Year of the Sheep!  Or goat.  Or ram. If you have lived in China any time at all, you probably know how to check the pollution ratings.  This is just one suggested website for AQI (air quality index).  http://aqicn.org/city/shenyang/  This site will show you Shenyang's index and other cities in the area. You can also use this site to check other cities throughout China. Shenyang Expat's Welcome to Shenyang blog wishes you blue skies and low ratings! ____________________ ... [Lire la suite]