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This is a blog for all Shenyang expats / expatriates- shops, restaurants, bars, places to visit ... Blog à destination de tous les expatriés de Shenyang : partage des bonnes adresses et des bons plans, rendez-vous à ne pas rater, endroits à visiter..

13 juin 2015

Shenyang's Stationary Market

This card is for just one of the many shops in the huge stationary market (xiao dong shi cheng) in the northeast part of the city.  This large market is located near a Carrefour and Decathlon, also blocks away from Global Doctor at Deji Hospital.  Click here for more details on this area.   This card, in particular, is for what I consider the best notebook shop in the entire market.  They have a beautiful selection of Lenwa and other brands.  Prices are fixed and well marked.  It is located in the... [Lire la suite]

07 juin 2015

Shenyang Must: Riverside Supermarkets

The Riverside Supermarket, inside the clubhouse at Riverside Garden, was the original import shop in Shenyang.  Now it's sister store at New World Garden makes this chain one of the best places to find food and snack comfort in this big city.  The NWG shop is a few doors down from another import shop too.  These are cards to be kept and saved.  Who knows what you might find?   REMINDER:  This blog's daily posts will end on June 15.  After nearly five years, there will soon e no more volunteers... [Lire la suite]
30 avril 2015

Star Mall near IKEA

Star Mall (attached to Ikea) has a Pizza Hut, Burger King, frozen yogurt, bubble tea, H+M, Zara, Gap, Zara home, Starbucks, a food court, and Auchan (grocery store with good wine and cheese selection)!  There’s also a free children’s train that takes kids around the mall. The environment inside makes you feel like you’re outside due to all of the windows and since the facility filters their air, this is a great option on bad air days.  Right now, they have a beautiful umbrella display too.  Check it out! Star Mall... [Lire la suite]
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26 avril 2015

Import Shops are Always Changing

We know the import shops are always changing the products they offer.  Seen last week at Ole' in the MixC mall - cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and various products from Jamie Oliver's line.  Great choices! The Ole' grocery store is located at the MixC mall, on Qingnian Dajie.  The mall is attached to the Grand Hyatt and across the street from the Shangri La Hotel.
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27 mars 2015

Flower & Fish Market in Shenyang

The Welcome to Shenyang blog has posted about various shops in Shenyang flower markets before. About a year ago, we posted this about the wonderful flowers, plants, fish and other products. http://shenyangexpat.canalblog.com/archives/2014/02/23/29222310.html Specifically, we love this little man's succulent shop on the 2nd floor with the plants.  See this:  http://shenyangexpat.canalblog.com/archives/2014/05/12/29612220.html And a reader has just sent this to us as a great reminder.  Thank you!! Springtime is... [Lire la suite]
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20 mars 2015

DVD Shop is Moving Soon

On our last trip to the DVD shop near Traders, the owner told us he may be moving soon. Possibly at the end of March.  Thanks so much to a reader for updating us on this information!  She said the DVD shop will move to a new place on the same street, to the north direction.  The owner says that we can call him if we don't find the new shop.  His telephone number will be the same.  We still don't know exactly when they will move, but it could be soon.  Keep up to date with info on the blog or email... [Lire la suite]

06 mars 2015

Fleece at the Fabric Market

The nice man at the Nan Er fabric market has a great selection of fleece. We still have some winter left in Shenyang after all. Visit him and the many fabric shops on the same floor of the market near Taiyuan Jie.
03 février 2015

Recommended Tailor at the Fabric Market

If you're looking for a tailor or seamstress at the Nan Er fabric market near Taiyuan Jie, visit this booth.  They have fabric and you can take examples for beautiful coats, jackets, pants and more. If you've never been to the fabric market, consider this your recommendation.  Take the elevator up past the food floors to see made goods and bolts of fabric beyond your imagination.
26 janvier 2015

Kitchen Street - Find Cookie Cutters and more

Kitchen Street is located on 13th Latitude Road (Shi San Wei Lu).  Click this link for a recommended shop, 格林SOHO大厦B座.   If you can make your way to the area and find this building, use this business card to find a cute place on the ground floor.  I recently found a large assortment of cookie cutters!  There are many other shops in this building (3 floors), including great places for kitchen appliances, dishes, and so much more. Approximate coordinates: 41.783661, 123.419358
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01 décembre 2014

SHENYANG PLACES - Northern Book City

Looking for a bookstore in Shenyang? Visit Northern Book City on Wuai Jie. There are Two floors of books and so much more, including nice wooden furniture fire kids, toys, school supplies, even coffee accessories. And, yes, you can find some English books here. Many of them are classics like Jane Austen or Shakespeare. But where else will you find an English copy of Gone With the Wind with the title also written in Chinese characters? What a souvenir! There are a lot of beautiful art books too (my favorite). And a wonderful display of... [Lire la suite]