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17 mai 2015

Backyard Market for Kids - May 23

Grapes International Kindergarten at Riverside Garden will sponsor a Backyard Market for kids.  You are welcome to sign up and bring gently-used toys, crafts, etc. so kids can exchange with or sell to others.  Fun games too!  It will be a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Saturday, May 23 - 4-6pm Grapes International Kindergarten, Riverside Garden E5 House (across from the Riverside Club/Import shop) Please reserve your place by 4:00 on May 21.  Call 18640189040 or send a Wechat message.  
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12 mai 2015

New Shops inside Riverside Garden

  Inside Riverside Garden at 215 Qingnian Dajie (across from the Sofitel Lido), there are some new shops.  These include a place where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and grains, and fresh meat.  Next door, there is a convenience store with chips, drinks and snacks.  These shops are located on the 1st floor of the old business building (where the Riverside office was two years ago).  It is in the middle of the RG complex, about 100 meters west of the Riverside Club building where the import... [Lire la suite]
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28 avril 2015

QSI Spring Market

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13 avril 2015

QSI International School - Spring Market - May 9

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30 juin 2014

Hunan District Shop and Haircut

There is a neighborhood in the Hunnan District of Shenyang. The shops change a lot, but there are a few consistently good ones. - Get a haircut at Hafo. It is a clean shop with friendly staff. - Happy Time shop carries many imported products (from varying countries) and they also have a cafe for light meals and snacks. Friendly staff too. - The local market (click link for more info) is a good one for meat, vegetables, noodles, fruits and some baked goods. And the tiny hole-in-the-wall canteen on the corner has great filled... [Lire la suite]
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27 juin 2014

Stones and Decorations at the Fish Market

I recently went to this small shop in the corner of the Flower/Fish Market at Zhongshan Park.  You can use these stones to decorate your fish tank and for plants.  Make some beautiful things in your home. More about the Flower Market here.
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12 mai 2014

Beautiful Succulents at the Flower Market

This boutique at the flower market has the most beautiful and tiny succulent plants.  Visit them on the 2nd floor for a nice decoration, a perfect gift, or just a new plant.  (Shenyang Flower Market) Cette boutique au marché aux fleurs a les plus belles et minuscules plantes succulentes. Visitez-les au 1er étage d'une belle décoration ou un cadeau parfait. Photo thanks to thesimpleadventure.com. :-)  
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19 novembre 2013

Shenyang Christmas Market

The 4th Shenyang Christmas Market will take place at the Noble Mansion Clubhouse in Hunnan District on the 7th December 12pm-8pm.  All kinds of festive delicacies will be offered, including Glühwein, soup, sausages, Christmas Stollen, chocolates, as well as Christmas gifts, such as 2014 New Year calendars. The clubhouse will be brightly decorated with Christmas lights, tinsel and a Christmas tree.  As with previous years, the earnings from the Christmas Market will be donated in Shenyang.    Right now we have... [Lire la suite]
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04 septembre 2012

Hunnan Market

This is a large, indoor fresh market with vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, bread, pasta & jiao zi, and more.   It is located near Elliott Bay, on the south side of the river, in the Feng Xiang area.   There are many positives about this market - so many choices, cleaner than other markets like this, lighting is good inside the building, and it is open until approximately 7pm (19h00) !    C'est un grand marché intérieur avec des légumes, fruits, viandes, oeufs, pain, pâtes & jiao zi, et plus encore. ... [Lire la suite]
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11 juin 2011

Zhong guo jia ju cheng : Marché aux meubles / furnitures market

Dans ce marché aux meubles, vous trouverez une très large sélection de mobilier en tout genre et tout style. Contemporain ou très classique, occidental ou très chinois... Il y en a pour tous les goûts !Bien sûr, il ne faut pas hésiter à négocier ! In this furniture's market, you will find a wide selection of furnitures of all kinds and any style.  Contemporary or very traditional, very Chinese or Western ...There's something... [Lire la suite]
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