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01 juin 2015

Liaoning Provincial Museum reopened May 16

Featuring 22 exhibition rooms in a beautiful building. Visit the new location of the Liaoning Provincial Museum.   REMINDER:  This blog's daily posts will end on June 15.  After nearly five years, there will soon e no more volunteers to continue our blog.  I want to thank Claire, Benedicte and so many others over the years who helped to make a difference!  I also want to thank Grand Hyatt Shenyang, Maison de Cheryl, Benoit, Nicolas and Tim for their help with posts over the last two years that I have... [Lire la suite]

17 avril 2015

Liaoning Provincial Museum Closed During Move

In preparation for the opening of the new museum site, Liaoning Provincial Museum on Shifu Road has been closed. The new museum is located in the Hunnan district. The area of the new museum is 100,000 square meters, which is three times as vast as the current version. It will be completed in May 2015. Upon completion, it will be the largest of the provincial museums in the country.  
08 février 2015

Liaoning Science and Technology Museum - NOW Open

After four-years of construction, Liaoning Science and Technology Museum has opened to the public recently. Visitors can watch permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions, and experience a theater with special scientific effects and a training lab. Come to this wonderful place for scientific exchanges! Time: 9: 30-15: 30 (15:00 ticket office closes) Wednesday to Sunday; Monday, Tuesday closedVenue: No 159, ZhihuisanStreet, HunnanDistrict (浑南区智慧三街159号)Contact: 024-85736666
31 mai 2014

Travel Recommendation - Shaanxi History Museum in Xi'an

The museum treasures more than 370,000 cultural relics, all of which are unearthed in Shaanxi province, including relics made of stone, bone, bronze, terra-cotta, china, jade, gold, silver and also murals, seals, calligraphy and paintings, etc. These relics can be traced back from over 1 million years ago to the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and they reflect the history and people life in many aspects from culture, art to science etc. Most of the relics are rare old treasures in the world.  It is one of the best museums!... [Lire la suite]
17 février 2014

Museum Visit - See This in Shenyang

Visit the former residence of Zhang Zuolin (Manchurian warlord) and his son, Zhang Xueliang, also known as the Marshal Mansion.  It was built in 1914 and many people admire the architecture and collections in this museum.  Website:  http://www.syzssf.com/   Chinese Name: 沈阳张氏帅府博物馆 Pinyin Name: Shěnyáng Zhāng Shìshuài Fǔ Bówùguǎn English Address: South Shuaifu Lane, Shenhe District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China. Chinese Address: 辽宁省沈阳市沈河区朝阳街少帅府巷46号 Directions: Located just... [Lire la suite]
10 octobre 2013

Cartier Exhibit at the Liaoning Provincial Museum

Thanks to a reader for sharing this with us!  Merci!   Last week, they visited the exhibition of Cartier, an exhibition of more than 100 jewels  and there is a little movie about the know-how of craftsmen of la Maison Cartier. First floor. No entry fee.  There is also an exhibition about Indians of North America and South America on the ground floor. Photos are really nice and colorful.   Je viens de visiter l'exposition de la collection CARTIER (fabricant français de bijoux de luxe) au musée de la... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2012

Urbanism Museum / Musée de l'urbanisme

This museum has just opened its doors to Shenyang. It is situated 200 m of the residence " Riverside Garden ". It presents the city of Shenyang such as it is at present, but especially such as it is planned to be in the coming years. You can discover it the Pharaonic projects for the city, as well as a gigantic model.There is a documentation in English.Free entry.Opening hours: from Monday to Friday:  9 am -16 pm. (except 12-13pm, closed for lunch time) On Saturday: 9 am - 17 pm.  (except 12-13pm, closed for lunch time) ... [Lire la suite]
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07 octobre 2011

Paleontological Museum of Liaoning (PMOL) 辽宁古生物博物馆

Openned in may 2011, Paleontology Museum of Liaoning is located in shenbei new district, in the campus of Shenyang Normal University. It's one of China's largest paleontological museums with its 15,000 square meters and over 10 exhibition halls. It introduces Liaoning province in 3 billion years with many paleontological fossils, treasures fossils, and Liaoning dinosaurs. In the Museum, there are also some interactive games and a 3D cinema to race with dinosaurs or feel the... [Lire la suite]
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18 septembre 2011

9 / 18

On September 18th each year, for memory this date in 1931, all Shenyang area will alarm at 9:18 a.m. All the cars on road also will whistle. So if you are the first time experience it, don’t worry^_^ Below is the details:  The September 18th incident was a major event that shocked China and the whole world in the 20th century. It marked not only the beginning of an attempt to conquer China by Japanese Imperialist forces, but was also the first flames of aggression by a fascist government in world history. The incident raised the... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2011

Musée Aéronautique de Shenyang

  **A noter: le musée est en travaux de février jusqu'à juin 2011. Il sera réouvert à partir de juillet normalement. Il vaut mieux passer un coup de fil avant de vous y rendre à ce moment là.    Petite sortie agéable en famille un jour de grand froid, intéressant pour les parents de découvrir les origines et le développement de la production aéronautique chinoise, et pouvant de plus être ludique pour les enfants. Shenfei Aviation Park est un musée aéronautique, couvrant 25000 mètres carrés, se situant au nord... [Lire la suite]