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This is a blog for all Shenyang expats / expatriates- shops, restaurants, bars, places to visit ... Blog à destination de tous les expatriés de Shenyang : partage des bonnes adresses et des bons plans, rendez-vous à ne pas rater, endroits à visiter..

20 mars 2015

DVD Shop is Moving Soon

On our last trip to the DVD shop near Traders, the owner told us he may be moving soon. Possibly at the end of March.  Thanks so much to a reader for updating us on this information!  She said the DVD shop will move to a new place on the same street, to the north direction.  The owner says that we can call him if we don't find the new shop.  His telephone number will be the same.  We still don't know exactly when they will move, but it could be soon.  Keep up to date with info on the blog or email... [Lire la suite]

06 mars 2015

Fleece at the Fabric Market

The nice man at the Nan Er fabric market has a great selection of fleece. We still have some winter left in Shenyang after all. Visit him and the many fabric shops on the same floor of the market near Taiyuan Jie.