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20 janvier 2015

Recommended Restaurant near Wobo

A reader sent this to us recently:  I would like to share a new restaurant that we found. Near Wobo (just the first street after the bridge), there is Loch restaurant where you can eat a very good Spanish paella!! Also they have some other west food (like spaguetti, chicken wings, salad, meat...). It is a small and very nice restaurant in front of the lake. Thanks for the recommendation!  If you would like to recommend a restaurant, email us the information at shenyangexpat@gmail.com.  

12 janvier 2015

Restaurant for Arabic Dishes

We were introduced to these people at the Winter Bazaar. Have you tried their Arabic dishes yet? If you also recommend this restaurant or others in Shenyang, email our blog at shenyangexpat@gmail.com. Your help and advice are appreciated.
10 janvier 2015

Reader Recommendation - Pizza Diablo

Thanks to one of our readers for recommending Pizza Diablo.  He sent us the picture and said:   In case you have not received - new Italian restaurant in the ‘’Forum 66’’ shopping mall close to City Hall Square (3rd Floor). Rather nice food and good value for money. Their home-made lemonade is excellent.
09 janvier 2015

Great Korean BBQ in Shenyang - Jinhan Restaurant

For great Korean BBQ in Shenyang, try Jinhan at the 1905 Space. Vented tables (so you won't smell like smoke). Spacious, clean and nice staff. Meats, vegetables and side dishes were all delicious. Party rooms available. 1905 Re-Creative Space   1905文化创意园 South of Heavy Factory Cultural Square, Xinghua North Street #8, TIexi District 铁西区兴华北街8号 (重型文化广场南侧) For a map to 1905, view this past post about the Winter Bazaar.  http://shenyangexpat.canalblog.com/archives/2014/11/21/30998055.html         ... [Lire la suite]
28 novembre 2014

Recommended Restaurant - Happy Rome

Simple Italian Meal: Happy Rome Restaurant - Recommended by Expat in Dongbei The food offered includes soup, salad, spaghetti, pizza, dessert, and drinks. It could hold a party for dozens of persons. Mr. Tian, the head chef, has been researching Italian dishes abroad for 30 years. They offer wonderful dining experience with best ingredients and ultra-low price. Two Locations 1. B1 floor, Plaza 66 Shopping Mall皇城恒隆广场负一层(No.128 Zhongjie Road, ShenheDistrict沈河区中街路128号)  024-31090983 2.ground floor, east of the hall... [Lire la suite]
05 novembre 2014

Doner Kebab Shop near Lenore's

We recently saw a kebab place across from Lenore's bar close to Heidi's 1.  Also close to the wonderful Maison de Cheryl bakery. Has anyone tried it? Send us your recommendation at shenyangexpat@gmail.com

02 septembre 2014

PHO 1969 Restaurant in Shenyang

Thanks to fellow bloggers for this! This pho place provides casual California-style Vietnamese food including beef noodle, spring rolls, Vietnamese sandwiches, and Thai iced tea. The owner has returned to Shenyang after 20 years in the US. The restaurant is very clean and bright. Next to Cafe Bene, near the NanShi Chang metro stop off Shiyi Wei Lu (11th latitude road). The small bowl of pho is 25 kuai and more than enough for a meal. Ask for it without the bǎiyè (百叶) if you would rather not have tripe!... [Lire la suite]
29 mai 2014

TOP Seafood & Pasta

Thanks to a friend for this recommendation of TOP Seafood & Pasta on Zhong Jie.  They say you can enjoy a calm, romantic atmosphere in this new restaurant at HangLung (Palace 66), including a delicious meal of mussels and fries (moules-frites).
22 mai 2014

GOODS Drinks & Foods

For a very nice meal with great ambience, go to GOODS Drinks & Foods.  Enjoy nice drinks and a solid wine list, delicious entrees and even a lovely dessert.