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This is a blog for all Shenyang expats / expatriates- shops, restaurants, bars, places to visit ... Blog à destination de tous les expatriés de Shenyang : partage des bonnes adresses et des bons plans, rendez-vous à ne pas rater, endroits à visiter..

13 juin 2015

Shenyang's Stationary Market

This card is for just one of the many shops in the huge stationary market (xiao dong shi cheng) in the northeast part of the city.  This large market is located near a Carrefour and Decathlon, also blocks away from Global Doctor at Deji Hospital.  Click here for more details on this area.   This card, in particular, is for what I consider the best notebook shop in the entire market.  They have a beautiful selection of Lenwa and other brands.  Prices are fixed and well marked.  It is located in the... [Lire la suite]

18 mars 2014

Stationary Market - Colors for Spring

This boutique in the basement (#A224) of the Stationary Market (Xiao Dong Shicheng) has large, textured paper in pastel colors for spring.  They are quite beautiful for crafts, posters or decoration.  This shop also has metallic-colored pipe cleaners for crafts too, along with many other stationary items. Cette boutique dans le sous-sol du marché stationnaire (Xiao Dong Shicheng #A224) a quelques grands papiers texturés dans des couleurs pastel pour le printemps. Ils sont très beaux pour l'artisanat, des affiches ou... [Lire la suite]
09 mars 2014

Art Supplies at Xiao Dong

For a nice place to shop for art supplies, consider this boutique at the stationary market (Xiao Dong Shi Cheng).  Most of the prices were marked, not negotiated.  The staff was very nice and considerate.  They have a good selection of typical Chinese art necessities.  Boutique A215.
04 mars 2014

Stationary Market - Reader Recommendation

Thanks to a reader for sending us this business card from the stationary market (Xiao Dong Shicheng).
28 février 2014

Best Notebooks at the Stationary Market

Looking for beautiful notebooks with pictures and cute phrases?  This boutique has the best notebook selection in Shenyang.  They also have gift bags, greeting cards, note paper and more.  Visit them on the 1st floor in the corner, #1008B.  Prices are marked on the shelves.  For a map to the Stationary Market (Xiao Dong), check out our post from 25 February. Cette boutique a la meilleure sélection de papiers et des cahiers à Shenyang. Ils ont aussi des sacs-cadeaux, cartes de souhaits, papier à lettres et... [Lire la suite]
25 février 2014

Shenyang Map Help - Northeast area

The northeast area of the city, near the intersection of Dadong Road and Pangjiang Street, there are a few notable places.  First of all, the Global Doctor clinic is located at Deji Hospital on Pangjiang Street.  Second, the Northern Tea Market (Chacheng), sometimes called tea city, is a 15 minute walk away from the clinic, at Dadong Road and Xiaoshizi Street.  And in the Longemont complex, you will find many stores such as Decathlon, the stationary market (Xiao Dong Shicheng), a new jewelry market, a Carrefour... [Lire la suite]

23 septembre 2013

New Art Boutique at Xiao Dong

A nice gentleman has a great, new shop at the stationary market.  He has many different kinds of paints, brushes and art supplies.  The shop is organized and neat in an open space.  Visit shop A010 to see what he has. Un gentil monsieur a un grand, nouvelle boutique au marché stationnaire. Il a beaucoup de différents types de peintures, des pinceaux et des fournitures d'art. La boutique est organisée et soignée dans un espace ouvert. Visitez boutique A010 pour voir ce qu'il a.
22 août 2013

Beautiful Kites

A few months ago, a friend recommended a kite store in the Xiao Dong building.  Recently, I went to see it and must recommend it to you too.  They have kites of high quality, medium and large sizes, so many colors and shapes and designs.  A kite like this would be a nice souvenir of Shenyang, or a gift for a special person.  The shop is located on the 3rd floor of Xiao Dong, #3002. Il ya quelques mois, un ami m'a recommandé un magasin cerf-volant dans le bâtiment Xiao Dong. Récemment, je suis allé le voir et je... [Lire la suite]
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15 août 2013

Halloween and Christmas Decorations at Xiao Dong Market

There is a shop on the 3rd floor of the Xiao Dong Market (next to Decathlon) that has some beautiful Christmas & Halloween decorations and lanterns.  She did not have any business cards, but here are photos and the hand-written address.  Very nice shop. Il ya une boutique au 3ème étage du marché Xiao Dong (à côté de Décathlon) qui a quelques belles décorations de Noël et Halloween, et des lanternes. Elle ne possède pas de cartes de visite, mais voici les photos et l'adresse manuscrite. Très belle boutique.
21 mai 2013

Scrapbooking at Xiao Dong

Very beautiful scapbooking shop, in the new Xiao Dong market. (Level -1) Lots of beautiful stickers, fun scholl suplies, nice tissue folders... Un très beau magasin de scrapbooking, au niveau -1 du nouveau Xiao Dong. Beaucoup de très jolis stickers, belles trousses et pochettes en tissus...    
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